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Rob Pope

“I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now!” We’ve all said that after a long day on the job, but Rob Pope, who, as one of us knows exactly how tired veterinary staff can get became the first runner to be able to say this at the end of an incredible odyssey to become the first person to complete the entire 15,000+ mile run that Forrest Gump undertook in the movie of the same name. Since then he’s gone on to a top-15 finish in the world’s toughest footrace and gone back to what he knows best, being a vet!

Kenton Cool

Kenton Cool is one of the finest alpine climbers of this generation. His accomplishments are staggering. He has summited Everest fourteen times. He is the first person in history to climb the three Everest peaks, the so-called Triple Crown, in one climb, a feat previously thought impossible. He was nominated for the prestigious piolet d'Or in 2004 for climbing a previously unclimbed route on Annapurna III. In 2012 he fulfilled the Olympic Games pledge of placing a 1924 gold medal on the Everest summit. He is the only Briton to have skied down two 8000-metre mountains, and in 2009 he guided Sir Ranulph Fiennes to the summit of Everest, helping to raise over £6 million for Marie Curie Cancer Care. His accomplishments are all the more extraordinary considering an incident in the summer of 1996 which tore Kenton's world apart. Whilst climbing in Wales, he broke a handhold on a route aptly called 'Major Headstress' and fell to the ground with such force that he shattered both his heel bones. Initially told he would never walk unaided again, Kenton spent four weeks in hospital, had three operations, three and a half months in a wheelchair and months of rehab. Today he is still in pain and after a long day in the mountains it's not uncommon to see him struggling to walk or moving around on his hands and knees. His book, One Man’s Everest explains why he still has the energy and desire for more adventure.

Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle is an award winning Broadcaster and adventurer. He has written 9 Sunday Times Best selling books and is the United Nations Patron of the Wilderness. Ben has climbed Mount Everest, Rowed across the Atlantic, Raced across Antarctica to the South Pole and crossed the deserts of the Empty Quarter in the Middle East. He has presented numerous programmes for the BBC, ITV, C5 and Discovery including the hit series New Lives in the Wild. A fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He is ambassador to WWF, Tusk and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and Patron of The Red Cross and United Nations.

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for every ticket bought for VC2020, we'll donate a ticket to a vet
in a developing country, learn more here


'Bitesize' CPD as and when I am able to access it means I can keep up to date with the profession and might attend a webinar in a subject area that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen for a traditional CPD course. These brief introductions sometimes open the gateway to further study in an area once my interest has been piqued. The Webinar Vet has been invaluable in keeping me up to date with CPD.

Clare Shorthose -

Before The Webinar Vet, CPD was costly - in time out of my solo practice & financially, even loss making as the actual CPD cost is paid by myself, so very difficult indeed. Now it's SO much easier, enjoyable, relaxing, energising and always interesting & relevant. Put into practice very easily, with more confidence.

Rob Elliot - Locum

I can do it at a time to suit, I can revisit webinars to refresh my memory and the wide range of topics means I can tailor my CPD to the requirements of my clinic and personal needs.

Eleanor Wood -

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